15 Fool Proof Fat Loss Tips

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15 Fool Proof Fat Loss Tips

If you're tired of having to try and sift through long, wordy, information heavy articles, which I am most certainly guilty of writing, but still want great information on fat loss and how to achieve it effectively, this is the article for you. In this article, I will be giving you 15 simple tips on how to maximise fat loss but without all of the extra fluff.

Let’s get it!

TIP 1 - Track your daily steps to ensure you burn consistent calories. During a fat loss phase, you will reduce output without even knowing it.

TIP 2 - Complete a minimum of 2 weight training sessions per week and a maximum of 6.

TIP 3 - Choose a training style that you enjoy and can maintain consistency with. If you hate the gym, find another environment. Enjoyment is paramount for success.

TIP 4 - Focus on progressing in the gym. Performance progression = physique progression.

TIP 5 - Eat protein at every meal to at least the size of your palm or 1 scoop of whey protein as an equivalent substitution.

TIP 6 - Second, fill your plate up with vegetables, you literally could not gain fat on vegetables even if you tried

TIP 7 - Choose either a carbohydrate (potato, rice, pasta, pumpkin etc) or a fat (oil, olives, cheese, egg yolk, avocado, nuts, seeds) to accompany your veggies and protein, not both. Add 2 serves of fruit on top of this DAILY.

TIP 8 - Keeping your carbohydrates in your pre and post training meal each day only, will make it easier to control their intake without having to think about it consciously.

TIP 9 - Add flavour to your meals using spices, salt, pepper, herbs, lemon juice, low calorie relishes or homemade hummus. Flavour matters!

TIP 10 - Consume no less than 3 meals a day and no more than 6. Eat at a frequency that satisfies you the most both mentally and physically.

TIP 11 - Drink water between meals to stay hydrated. Aim for a minimum of 3L per day and add electrolytes if you’re a big sweater.

TIP 12 - Never drink your calories. Liquid calories may taste delicious but they aren’t satiating and can easily be replaced by low/no calorie drinks or water.

TIP 13 - Eat something you love every day. Save it for before bed so you can finish the day with your favourite food and go to bed satisfied. Control the serving size.

TIP 14 - Focus on sleep, without sleep you will not recover and without recovery, you can kiss progression goodbye.

TIP 15 - Stress less. It may not be easy, but the less you can stress on a daily basis the better off you will be in all facets of life including physical, mental and social.

And there you have it….

15 simple steps to help you lose fat, feel better, look amazing and most importantly, STAY CONSISTENT!

When it comes to achieving anything outside of our comfort zones, one of the critical mistakes people make is they go to hard, too quick. They cut out all sugar, they stop eating the foods they love, they train too much and they do things they hate.

comfort zone

Which then leads to failure long term...

What is the point in losing maximum weight in minimum time if it just sets you up for greater weight gain long term?

Sure, you are going to have to step outside of your comfort zone a little. But this doesn’t mean you need to be there forever!

Choose foods, exercise and social events that you can both enjoy but also allow you to stay on your journey towards achieving the fat loss you desire. Following these 15 steps is a simple approach to making this possible without having to over complicate it.

Remember, consistency is the key.

Enjoy the process and you will enjoy even greater results as well!


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