Nutrition / by Paula Vargas - 13 days ago

Fit Foodie Essentials For The Colder Months

The summer months are long gone and it's time to focus on bringing your best fitness self this winter. Curling up on the couch may be more inviting than curling dumbbells, but now is a great time to focus on building your best body yet. Whether you're looking for macro-friendly versions to your favourite foods, a little immunity support or products for winter gains, we've got you covered.

Lifestyle / by Paula Vargas - 28 days ago

Gigi: How To Find Lasting Motivation

I spoke with the gorgeous Giorgia Piscina last week, getting insights into what it's like to train for a world-class bikini comp, lessons learned, her new beauty biz and what really keeps her motivated nowadays. If you're needing to hit the refresh button on your motivation is year, tune in!

Supplements / by Paula Vargas - 3 months ago

Start Your Year Strong: 5 Best-Selling Supplements

Start your strongest year yet, with these popular sports supplements. Training at your best, sleeping well and eating healthily will be the main driving forces to achieving your fitness dreams - but when you're looking for an extra boost, these smart supplements will be by your side. 

Nutrition / by Paula Vargas - 3 months ago

Top Health Benefits for Dry January

If you've had a few too many boozy outings and are ready to give yourself a reset with a commitment to a Dry January, you might find it harder as the month goes on. After all, the festivities are continuing throughout the summer, and you don't want to miss out on all the fun. If you want to keep motivated this January, keep these health gains top of mind!

Lifestyle / by Paula Vargas - 3 months ago

How to Set New Year's Resolutions You'll Stick To In 2021

Every regular gym-goer seems to notice the yearly surge in new members in January, but come February, they know most of these would have dropped off. The reality is, well-intentioned resolutions often fail. Don't let yourself be in the majority. No matter what is happening around you, you can take steps to make sure your goals aren't left as simply dreams!

Recipes / by Paula Vargas - 4 months ago

Get In Shape With Banana Crepes

This mouth-watering banana crepes recipe is high in protein and contains muscle-fuelling carbohydrates from bananas and rolled oats. Super low in fat, you can enjoy it any time, no matter if you're dieting or trying to pack on muscle!

Recipes / by Paula Vargas - 6 months ago

BCAA Piña Colada Mocktail

Take a well deserved break, with the BCAA Piña Colada Mocktail. Even if you can't escape to chill by a pool right now, you can embrace the tropical vibes with a muscle-promoting drink that tastes great and supports your lean mass! 

Recipes / by Paula Vargas - 6 months ago

Easy Collagen Beauty Chocolate

Indulge in beauty and bliss with this easy-as-pie collagen chocolate recipe. Enjoy these euphorically tasty ingredients and for an extra gratifying experience, practice with a mindfulness meditation so you savour every last bite!

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