Losing Weight to 'Look Better'? Read This

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Losing Weight to 'Look Better'? Read This

If you struggle with body image issues, you’re not alone - in fact, despite what you see on social media, even your fitness gurus can be struggling with varying degrees of body dysmorphia.

This article is all about how to truly embrace your own beauty and physical looks, so you can feel confident in your body - yes, just as you are. 

If you're taking supplements, training hard and eating right, part of your motivation may be to 'look great naked'. As a personal trainer, that was definitely one of the top reasons my clients loved to train! 

You may say you do it purely for health reasons, but wanting to 'look good' is a natural drive and there's nothing wrong with it.

Just know that training and eating well, supplementing smart will get you some of the way - however, the mental component is just as important. This is why I devoted space to this important topic.

Did you know even supermodels struggle with feeling ‘ugly’?

In this snippet of my interview with a world-renowned human behaviour expert, Dr John Demartini, you’ll find an insightful story of “one of the most beautiful women in the world”, who was crying herself to sleep at night over feeling 'ugly'!

How can you start feeling more attractive in 2022?

1. Understand that even the supposed 'most beautiful' people can feel this way - they just don't always publicly talk about it.

2. Ask yourself, who specifically are you comparing yourself to, and what do you believe they have that you don't?

3. Find out where you have the same traits as they do, in your own unique form. List out the benefits of it in your form.


fitness model stretching

4. If you're infatuated with another person's physical attributes, then you need to start making a list of the negatives to come back to the center.

5. When you come back to the center, you will have more gratitude for yourself and your unique body, and greater levels of self-worth and self-confidence.

If you take this to heart, it will transform how you see yourself. 

Before you go on, you'll want to know more about how to determine your unique values here.

Anyway, on to Demartini's story:

“So a few years back, I had an absolutely beautiful woman. One of the most beautiful women in the world voted by a number of magazines as a client. And she came to me and you look at her and you go, whoa, she's a 12 on the Richter scale of 10. But she thinks that she's less than a six. I thought, that's interesting. She's got sort of a body dysmorphia idea. And what we found out is that she was comparing herself. She was comparing her hair to a woman who had thicker hair, and the overall image of that individual woman wasn't better, but her hair was. Then she was taking her thighs and comparing it to another woman, another model. Then she was taking her breasts and comparing it to another model... (Image source: Victoria's Secret)

Victorias Secret Models

And she took all the different parts and compared them to individual women. But no one of those women by themselves had the whole package better than hers.

But she was comparing parts and every part she was comparing to and envying and trying to go, 'Oh, I wish I had that',

She was minimizing her image of herself in that it was not even appreciating her own beauty.

And everybody else could see it, but she couldn't see it because she was comparing her life to parts of other people.

Not the whole of those people, not one of them which she replaces with. But she liked her hair. She like her eyes, she liked her thighs, etc.

Any time you compare yourself in splitting yourself and not look at the whole picture and you go and take these little parts, you're not going to appreciate your whole. So you want to make sure that you go through and look at your whole life and look at where your strengths are and stick out and quit comparing yourself to other people. 

I keep saying that we're not here to compare yourself to others. You're here to compare your daily actions to your own highest values, what you're going to excel and you're going to have the greatest self-worth. And then you realize that you, with your own unique values, which are fingerprint specific, is where you will excel. You will have the greatest confidence and you will be the one that everybody else is going, Oh my God, look at what they've accomplished."

Prefer to watch? Press play for the above story to see it on this page:

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