The Single Greatest Weight Loss Secret

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The Single Greatest Weight Loss Secret

"With Summer just around the corner, it’s time to dust off the runners and…" - That is a TYPICAL reaction when you realise that you might NOT quite be in the shape you were hoping to be in right now, and wish to drop a few kg’s of fat before it starts to get warm.

But is that the best strategy? Running, walking or even just moving more and getting a sweat on?

Maybe you can go on a diet too, drop some carbs, hit the weights, then click your heels together 3 times and wish there was no place like the gym!


There is so much information and so many opinions out there when it comes to fat loss. It’s time to cut the fat!

What is the single greatest secret to fat loss you must know, if your goal is to be lean and (not so) mean this Summer?

You would think this is a pretty straight forward answer -“Do this” - “Take that”

But there really is a lot more that needs to be taken into consideration, if LONG TERM leanness is important to you.

Because I’ve gotten into great shape before myself doing daily cardio, and by doing none at all.
And I’ve also gotten into great shape by dropping my daily carbs, and also by increasing them too.
I’ve trained 3 days per week, 5 days per week and even trained every day; that worked as well.

So there MUST be something, a link or a common theme between ALL applications?

Success lies in your Grey Matter

I honestly believe that success lies upstairs, in the stuff that takes up space between your ears!

Not in so much about what you do, rather HOW you do it.

For no matter the specifics of your programming, you will find someone who does something complete different and is just as successful.

So I’ve done some analyzation, and discovered 3 possibilities:

1.Your Goal, Path and Result

I find that those who have been successful with their fat loss, have all had personal, realistic goals.

They have all started from a place which caused pain and discomfort, and desperately wanted to change.

weight loss

Once that decision was made, they have spent time analysing their situation and what would be a successful result. To lose 5kg, 10kg or a certain size like 20 cm’s from the waste.

Next, they have matched this goal to a realistic time frame; “in the next 12 weeks I am going to lose 20 cm’s from my waist”

Then, to obtain the end result they often break down their path into small, bite sized chunks. If we looked at their goal, 20 cm’s in 12 weeks can seem a little over whelming. But if you continued to chip it down to let’s say, weekly goals than it becomes a target to “lose 1.67cm from my waist in 7 days”.

Yes, we know that weight loss is not linear (some weeks will be more, some less, some none at all) but as long as we keep on a rough trajectory towards the outcome within the time frame, we will be in striking distance of success.

2.Holding yourself Accountable.

Keeping consistent with the above all comes down to accountability.

Sometimes it is easy to blow off and say “I will get my stats next week…”

But you will find that those who are diligent with their weight loss progress are constantly assessing how they are progressing

In terms of progress, they know “WHY” they are progressing, as the saying goes “success leaves clues”

And if they find results starting to slip, they are able to “assess” their application, “determine” what is not working and then make the “necessary changes” in REAL time!

3.Seizing Opportunities!

The last comes down to time management and seizing opportunities.

That might not mean they are training at every possible instance, just making sure they are getting everything done, that needs to be done, consistently.

A great example that comes to mind here is meal preparation!

We can move all we like, but without adequate nutrition, supplementation and recovery it is like running a race with your hands in your pockets. You are not going to go as fast as you could, unless you improved your technique (a way of carrying out a particular task).

This could come down to allocated food preparation times, writing meal lists, planning a weekly menu; or even putting aside the time to study to learn more about nutrition.

Fat Loss and the BIGGER picture.

If you view an “out of shape” body, as a sign of poor health and one that is not living the most conducive lifestyle for success, fat loss starts with fixing the lifestyle.

So before you go for that morning run, take the time to analyse your life, what you know, what you need to change and then get to work making your goals a reality!


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